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  • Atomic Monkey Entertainment Production USA Co. Ltd.
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  • Atomic Monkey has an established career for over 10 years and is Japan’s leader in the anime and video game industry specializing in voice talent management, music projects/works, event planning, and management of a voice over training school.
  • We collaborated with top class videogame and anime production companies around the world including: Square Enix, Capcom, Konami, Sega Corporation, Tecmo Koei Games, Namco Bandai, D3 Publisher, Walt Disney Company, Sunrise, Aniplex, GAINAX, TOEI ANIMATION, MADHOUSE, Production I.G, PIERROT, etc.
  • As a specialized agent for Japanese voice actors, Atomic Monkey International Holdings was established in 2011 and has begun to expand internationally, establishing subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, France and Los Angeles. We want to further promote Japan’s cultural pride of anime, video game and voice actors (Seiyu) to the world.
  • We will become a bridge between the trade of high quality speech sound and services to improve the skills of voice actors around the world.

  • A Japanese seiyu is a voice actor who mainly provides the voice for characters in anime and western movies. Japanese voice actors spread the popularity of anime around the world while simultaneously raising the bar of voice overs and becoming a popular occupation.
  • In recent years the role of voice actors is not just limited to providing voice and dubbing, but has broadened its activities to CD releases and live performances, appearing in voice actor gravure magazines, and launching photo books and image videos.
  • Similar to Japan, in Asia voice actors have a popularity similar to idols.