New Business Partnering

10th May 2017


We have opened business partnering with CHATEAU AGENCY effective from today.
We are aiming to provide effective effort to you together.

Atomic Monkey

※CHATEAU AGENCY member musicians

Official HP:

Nozimi Nishida/ Cinderella Nine

3rd August 2016


New app game 「Cinderella Nine」has introduced.

Nozomi Nishida plays as Tsubasa Arihara.
PV movie and cast interviews are available at official HP.

Let’s play baseball with Ciderellas!!

Cinderella Nine
Official HP:
Twitter account: @hachinai89

Junya Enoki/DIGIMON ADVENTURE Fes 2016

2nd August 2016


Junya Enoki joined 「DIGIMON ADVENTURE FES 2016」.

It has been 1 year since last fes… Wonderful cast were gathered this year again!
Fes had talk session, drama reading and live session!

New PV and more exciting news were introduced.
You can’t take eyes off from them!!


Special thanks to all cast who are in photos for the photo permission.

Takesshi Washizaki/ Washizaki Jungle 6th

1st Aug 2016


Washizaki Jungle 6th」had held in Hokkaido.
The event had Rei Matsuzaki, Yumi Igarashi and Takeshi Washizaki!!
They enjoyed talking (Igarashin…, Okehazama… and more) various topics!!

His music CD with autograph session ticket was sold at the event.
If you are interested in him, please check his music CD too!!

Special thanks to all cast who are in photos for the photo permission.

Arise Sato/Shironeko Tennis

1st Aug 2016


Arise Sato is in App game「Shironeko Tennis」as Tohko.
Characters from famous app game「Shironeko Project」are now changed weapon to tennis racket!!
Let’s enjoy tennis with attractive characters!!

Shironeko Tennis
Official HP:

Rikako Aikawa/New Anime「time bokan TWENTY FOUR」

29th July 2016


Time Bokan has introduced new anime「time bokan TWENTY FOUR」!
Rikako Aikawa will be in the anime.
You will experience new time bokan this autumn.

time bokan TWENTY FOUR
Official HP:

Yuki Ono,Junya Enoki,Kei Minegishi,Katsufumi Yachi/I★CHU Fan meeting~Summer Festival~

24th July 2016


Yuki Ono,Junya Enoki,Kei Minegishi and Katsufumi Yachi joined 「I★CHU Fan meeting~Summer Festival~」.
It is 3rd Fan meeting for I★CHU.

Information of new songs and characters were introduced at this event.
They all are excited too!!

Let’s play music and become producer!

Official HP:

Nozomi Nishida/「Wonderful Hobby Life For You!! 24」Live show ~night~

25th July 2016


Nozomi Shined joined 「Wonderful Hobby Life For You!!24」 Live show night part as a one of cast from Macross Delta at Macross Delta part.
Anime「Macross Delta 」is heating up now! Please check plamodel and figure too!

Macross Delta
Official HP:

Special thanks to all cast who are in photos for the photo permission.

Takesshi Washizaki and Kotomi Aihara/「Wonderful Hobby Life For You!!24」 Live show ~day~

25th July 2016


Takes Washizaki joined as MC, Kotomi Aihara joined as a member of 「THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS」「Wonderful Hobby Life For You!!24」 Live show day part.

It was the very first time for Kotomi Aihara to perform in front of audience as Shiki Ichinose.
She got very nervous at the beginning but by the wonderful audience she could enjoy performing at the end.

Official HP:

Mako Muto,Riiko Tazawa/3DS「Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: Ultimate Card Battle」

25th July 2016


Mako Muto and Riiko Tazawa are in 3DS game「Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: Ultimate Card Battle」.
Mako plays as main player.
Please check and play!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: Ultimate Card Battle
Official HP:


20th July 2016


Ruriko Aoki,Ami Nanase and Ryoko Maekawa are playing game 「BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CORPS」at CAPCOM TV.
You can watch their fight which improve week by week at the channel.

CAPCOM TV (from 8pm in Japan time)

Official HP:

Tomokazu Seki,Megumi Han/ ULTRAMAN DAY

14th July 2016


Tomokazu Seki and Megumi Han joined Ultraman memorial event.
Topic of talk was about 「Love for Ultraman」, they talked a lot about how they love Ultraman.
Motion comic「ULTRAMAN」movie was showed there too.

Tomokazu was extremely happy surrounded by ULTRAMANs.
Doesn't he look Ultra hero owner, does he?

Makoto Koichi/PERSONA4 stage project 「The ULTIMAX ULTRA SUPLEX HOLD」

11th July 2016


Makoto Koichi performed in PERSONA4 stage 「The ULTIMAX ULTRA SUPLEX HOLD」as Chie Satonaka.
Her kicking skill got power up!!
Tomokazu Seki joined after event as Kanji Tatsumi (anime ver.)

Now it is the time you to re-watch PERSONA4 anime again!

Tomokazu Sugita,Subaru Kimura,Takeshi Washizaki/Special event of 「Assassination Classroom」

11th July 2016


Tomokazu Sugita(as Tadaomi Karasuma) , Subaru Kimura (as Ryoma Terasaka) and Takeshi Washizaki(as MC) joined special event of 「Assassination Classroom」.

The event theme was "Graduation ceremony".
Tomokazu and Subaru reminded once again how happy there were to involve in 「Assassination Classroom」.

All cast is now graduated from the Anime「Assassination Classroom」however surprising news were introduced there!!
You should keep checking 「Assassination Classroom」!!

Assassination Classroom
Official HP:

Ruriko Aoki/Vega Festa special 「THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS」

11th July 2016


Ruriko Aoki joined Vega Festival Special 「THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS」.
Information of 3rd Live Blu-ray and VR were introduced.
You can wish to Vega with Ruriko!

Nozomi Nishida/Macross Delta FC event

11th July 2016


Nozomi Nishida joined Macross Delta FC event.
She was nervous at the beginning as this was the first time for her to join Macross Delta event.
However she enjoyed the event more than anybody there by wonderful audience and Delta members!!

She drew Teo&Zao Yusshira(cv. Kei Minegishi) seriously…!!

Ryoko Maekawa/「Kurara Festa 2016」

30th June 2016


Ryogo Maekawa joined 「Kirara Festa 2016」.
New anime「Magic of Stella」is introduced at the event.
She plays as Yumine Fuda.

At the news introduction, Ryoko was invited the stage as secret guest!
You can see her more in the anime from this autumn.

Magic of Stella
Official Anime HP:

Official HP:

Special thanks to all cast who are in the photo for the photo permission.

Ruriko Aoki/"Famitsu Fes 2016"

27th June 2016


Ruriko joined "Famitsu Fes 2016"@Akihabara.

Ruriko played game 「Splatoon」with audience at special stage of "I have Controller" which Ruriko is in as MC.
Ruriko and audience enjoyed the event.

Thank you for all fans who come to join the event @ Akihabara and watched niconico live on demand.

「Ruriko's I have Controller」(niconico Live) on air infomtion:
Ruriko's I have Controller

■Official HP:


Special thanks to all cast who are in photos for the photo permission.

Yuki Ono/Appeared on stage as a member of “SOARA”

12th April 2016


Yuki Ono performed @ Tsukipro Live 2016.
If you missed or wish to see his performance more, here is a good news!!
The event will become Blu-Ray package.

Find more info at official HP:

Special thanks to all cast who are in photos for the photo permission.

Junya Enoki’s new Radio

11th April 2016


Junya Enoki’s new Radio「MAN TWO MONTH RADIO」(@QR)has started.
He will be radio personality for next two months.
You can dig his deeper side at only here.

MAN TWO MONTH RADIO Junya’s 『Im “Enoki” but Im weaker than “Kinoko”』
Official HP:

Tomokazu Seki in Shanghai

11th April 2016


Tomokazu Seki attended fan meeting in Shanghai with Katsuyuki Konishi as “Seki to Konishi”.
This was the third time for Tomokazu to visit Shanghai!

Many fans came down to Shanghai over the country.
Thanks very much!!

They sang 2 songs at the meeting and here is the secret story that they kept practicing songs until just right before the meeting started!

Doesn't it look good ? It is a special clear file for the event!

How cute!! Thanks for wonderful flower!!

Tomokazu visited Bund & Gordon Nanjing Road with Katsuyuki Konishi . They enjoyed the beautiful view.

Special thanks to Katsuyuki Konishi for the photo permission.

Yuki Ono/New「Oha Suta」Start!!

6th April 2016



NEW「Oha Suta」with NEW MC has started from TODAY!!
Very first day for Ono-chan(Yuki Ono) & Hana-chan(Netsuke Hanae) MC went successful.

Ono-Chan (Yuki Ono) will handle Tuesday and Thursday morning.
Watch his big & happy smile every morning and share happiness to your friends!

Official HP:


Special thanks to all cast who are in photos for the photo permission.

Takeshi Washizaki/New Radio program has started!

5th April 2016


New radio program 「YORU NIGHT X YORU NIGHT」has started from Today.
Takeshi Washizaki will be main personality.

You should turn the radio on every Monday-Thursday @12am!!!

Official HP:

Izumi Chiba in TV anime「Age 12」

5th April 2016


Hello, I'm Izumi Chiba!
I am in TV anime「Age 12」as a teacher.
It is about the first love! You can remind your first love with sweet pain in your heart.

Official HP:

Tomokazu Seki joined 「Harukanaru Toki no Naka de」Fan event

4th April 2016


Tomokazu Seki joined 「Harukanaru Toki no Naka de」Fan event.
Live & Reading performance, cross talk were contained in the event.
Tomokazu enjoyed Fan’s great energy and love for 「Harukanaru Toki no Naka de」series.

Special thanks to all cast who are in photos for the photo permission.
Thank you for beautiful flowers!!

Various actors from Atomic Monkey are in new Drama CD

14th April 2016


Drama CD「Abe no Seimei ~Soken no Shoh~」is on sale from April 10th.

Many actors joined the CD performance.
Tomokazu Seki as “Hakuto”
Junya Enoki as “Mizunoe”
Hironori Kondo
Takatsugu Awazu
Nobuyuki Doi
Kyoko Fujii

And other casts are…
Taketo Koyasu as “Abe no Seimei”
Takumi Yamazaki as “Kamo no Yasunori”
Mamoru Miyano as “Hiwa”

★Official HP:

★Official Twitter:

Nozomi Nishida & Kei Minegishi will be in new anime 「MACROSS DELTA」

10th March 2016


Nozomi Nishida and Kei Minegishi will be in new 「MACROSS DELTA」!!
Nozomi Nishida as "Makina Nakajima"
Kei Minegishi as "Theo&Xao Jussila"

Don't miss their performance!!

Official HP:

Makoto Koichi in Fuwafuwa summit

25th January 2016


Makoto Koichi appeared niconico Live program「Fuwafuwa summit Vol.15」!

Makoto performed Magical R unit (from Nurse Witch Komugi R) song 『Ready Go!!』♪
Thank you for watching the program and Makoto loved the stage.

Special thanks to Kei Tomoe and Erii Yamasaki for the photo permission.

Ruriko Aoki/「Hyrule Warriors Legends」Commentary

22nd January 2016


Ruriko Aoki appeared in commentary video of 「Hyrule Warriors Legends」.
Ruriko is purely a big fan of 「Hyrule Warriors」and sharing excitement.

And… Ruriko will be in the game as “My Fairy”!!
Harry to find more news from official HP:

Junya Enoki/New Web Radio personality

22nd January 2016


Junya Enoki will be a new web radio 「Hagane-Orchestra(App game)」personality.
Latest one is available from here:

You can also check previous ones:



【Twitter URL】

【Radio Email】

Ruriko Aoki/Seiyu Award navigation personality!

22nd January 2016


Ruriko Aoki will host「Ruriko's Seiyu Award navigation!」

Title:Bunka broadcast premier 「Ruriko's Seiyu Award navigation!」
Cast:Ruriko Aoki
O.A:January 27th 19:00~20:00(Japan Time)

Official HP:
■Seiyu Award:


Let’s check and guess who will win awards with Ruriko!

Ruriko Aoki/New Programe start「Ruriko's I have Controller」

18th January 2016


New program 「Ruriko's I have Controller」(niconico Live) start from TODAY at 20:00~ (Japan Time)

Theme is “Enjoy games with YOU”!
Ruriko will play games and asking for advices to enjoy games with all of you!

Please visit to official HP for more interesting information:

Ruriko's I have Controller

■Official HP:


Junya Enoki/niconico Live 「Tokuban-Adventure」

18th January 2016


Junya Enoki joined niconico Live.

It had play back talk, new PV releasing and more!

In drawing part, Junya drew Meikuumon.
Now he started practicing drawing … Let's find out how it went!!

Official HP:

Junya Enoki in King Jungle Osaka event

13th January 2016


Junya Enoki joined King Jungle in Osaka event!

So many first experiences for him!

First time to visit Osaka…

First time to wear Hakama…

He loved all of them!!

Junya enjoyed the event very much and thank you for fans welcoming Junya there!!

And thank you Osaka!!

Yumi Kakazu: Event report

7th January 2016

Yumi K.jpg

A Happy New year !!

Yumi Kakazu joined the event of “Kimonobu talk show” at Mitsubishi depart.
Kimono-bu members read Rakugo picture books.
Every cast wore Kimono which colored the event gorgeously.
Audiences in different generations seemed really enjoyed the event.
Yumi and other members appreciated for warm atmosphere there.

Kimono Yumi wore was provided by Modern Antenna.
You can find various beautiful items from here:

Event day of Tomokazu Seki & Subaru Kimura

26th December 2015

Tomokazu S_Subaru K.jpg

Tomokazu Seki and Subaru Kimura visited “Aruaru City” in Kokura, Kitakyushu as Manager of the day!
Tomokazu and Subaru joined talk show, inaugural ceremony and store visitings.
It was a short visit to the city but Tomokazu and Subaru enjoyed the event, audiences and city.
Their autographs are inscribed to 4 stores in “Aruaru City”.

Special thanks to George and Maruo (Comedians: Mentaiko) for the photo permission.

Megumi Han appeared at JUMP FESTA 2016

21st December 2015

Megumi H.jpg

Megumi Han appeared at JUMP FESTA 「JUMP SQ booth "Twin Star Exorcists”」!
Teaser PV is available on Official HP. Don’t miss it!

Official HP:

Special thanks to Ayumu Murase for the photo permission.

Makoto Koichi: WEB Radio has started!

15th December 2015


WEB radio「Nurse Witch Komugi R」has started.
TV Anime「Nurse Witch Komugi R」will be on air from January 10th.
Makoto Koichi is performing as “Tsukasa”. She is also one of the radio main personality.
Makoto, herself and “Tsukasa” are very energetic girls! Please check them out!!

Kei Tomoe (as Komugi Yoshida)
Erii Yamasaki (as Kokona Saienji)
Makoto Koichi (as Tsukasa Kisaragi)

■Animate TV

■NTV on-demand

Junya Enoki appeared at「Digimon Adventure tri. 」premier

30th November 2015


Junya Enoki attended 「Digimon Adventure tri. 」premier in Sapporo.

It was the very first time for Junya to visit Hokkaido.
He was pleased to fan's warm atmosphere and passion for 「Digimon Adventure tri. 」.

Thank you very much for welcoming Junya and enjoy the movie.

Happy smile with Agumon☆

Fumiya Tanaka・Izumi Chiba/Audio Cinema「2nd First Kiss」

30th November 2015


Fumiya Tanaka & Izumi Chiba joined to perform Audio Cinema「2nd First Kiss」.
It will be on sale at iTunesStore from 1st December.
What would you do If you find out truth of your first kiss?

Official HP:

Reona Irie:MEGA Booth 1day booth Manager at AGF2015

November 12th 2015


Reona Irie became face of MEGA House booth at AGF2015 as representative of MEGATORE STATION.
He handed out CDs at the booth. Reona enjoyed talking to each of you who came down to meet him.
Thank you very much for coming to the festival and meet Reona!

“MEGATORE STATION~2nd season~”(personality: Tetsuya Kakihara & Reona Irie) is available at official HP.

Official HP:

Ken Washizaki:First book is on sale

November 11th 2015


Ken Washizaki has released his first book 「成すも成さぬもないのだが これまでもこれからも」which is available at book stores from today!
Let’s jump into Ken Washizaki’s world!!

Rikako Aikawa:Book Reading at elementary school

November 11th 2015


Rikako Aikawa have had “Book Reading” at elementary school in Shibuya.
Students were glued to the reading by Rikako’s protean act.
We could see a lot of happy faces at the end of the successful event.

Megumi Han will be performing theater 「Terror in Resonance」

October 30th 2015


Megumi Han will be performing theater「Terror in Resonance」(残響のテロル)as Five which she acted in the animation as well.
Please come to see her live performance.

official HP:

Yumi Kakazu: delivered lecture at elementary school

October 29th 2015


Yumi Kakazu delivered lecture at elementary school in Tokorozawa.
Agenda of the talk was 「JOB:Voice Actor」
All students were very into Yumi’s talk as many students have interests to voice acting as their career.
Yumi joined their lunch after the talk.
Thank you for the good lunch!!

We could see their hopes in their eyes with shine.
It was a beautiful to see and very honor to be there.

Thanks to teachers for having Yumi!

Ken Washizaki’s New album ranked in ORICON BEST 10!

October 26th 2015


Ken Washizaki New album was ranked in ORICON Best 10!
THANK YOU to all of fans!!

4th Album “What a Pastaful World”is now on sale at:
Tower Record, HMV, Amazon and various CD shops.
Please check with your nearest CD shops if “What a Pastaful World” is available.

NOTE:“What a Pastaful World”is not available at Atomic Monkey Webshop.
The album is available for sales within Japan only at the moment.

Junya Enoki appeared at premier

September 26th 2015


「A Corpse Is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet」will start from October 7th.
Junya Enoki attended #1(full story) and #2 (digest) premier ahead of the on air .
Music live performance by TRUE and talk session were held at the event.

Junya enjoyed being the event as one of key cast.
Please check his new performance at 「A Corpse Is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet」.

「A Corpse Is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet」Official HP:

Junya Enoki has been casted in 「THE IDOLM@STER SideM」

September 2nd 2015


「THE IDOLM@STER SideM」announced new casts. Junya Enoki is casted as Rui Maita (S.E.M).
New casts were introduced at Niconico Live Broadcast.
Junya Enoki joined the program at 2nd September.
The character, Rui Maita used to be a English teacher and became IDOL with some reason…
Now is the time you to become a Producer!!

「THE IDOLM@STER SideM」Official HP:

Various Atomic Monkey actors are in Chinese Animation 「雛蜂-BEE-」

August 26th 2015



「Hinabachi-BEE- #1」in now on air.
Various actors from Atomic Monkey joined the program. Please check it out!

「Hinabachi-BEE- #1」

Atomic Monkey Cast
Subaru Kimura/Police Officer、Ordinary Person C
Katsufumi Yachi/Police Man、Man A、Terrorist B
Takatsugu Awazu/SWAT Captain、Father、Ordinary Person H
Katsuyuki Yoshida/Cavalry captain、Ordinary Person B、Ordinary Person D、Terrorist C
Satoshi Fujinami/Helicopter Pilot、Man B、Ordinary Person E
Nobuyuki Doi/Man with Hat、Terrorist A
Mako Muto/Boy A、Ordinary Person A
Akiko Hanamura/Boy B、Woman
Misa Kato/Mother、Ordinary Person F

Enoki Junya is casted in new Anime 「A Corpse Is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet」

August 21st 2015


New Anime 「A Corpse Is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet」will start from this October introduced casts.
Junya Enoki is casted as "Shotaro Tatewaki" who is a one of main character.
Mysterious and attractive characters will bring you into the Sakurako's world.

「A Corpse Is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet」Official HP:

Megumi Han, Yumi Kakazu, Rikako Aikawa are casted in new Anime 「COCOCTAMA」

August 21st 2015


New Anime 「COCOTAMA」start from 1st October 2015 (TV TOKYO and other) introduced casts.
Megumi Han, Yumi Kakazu and Rikako Aikawa are announced as:
Megumi Han as "Lakitama"
Yumi Kakazu as "Shakitama"
Rikako Aikawa as "Geracho"

It is very pretty and happy story!! Get your family together in front of TV!!


Atomic Monkey Hot Actors Interview

August 17th 2015


Atomic Monkey Training institution updated interview blog for 2015.
4 Atomic Monkey Hot & Fresh actors (Junya Enoki, Makoto Takahashi, Makoto Koichi, Katsuyuki Miura) were interviewed by one of their instructor at the institution.
They spoke their experiences, memories and professionalism at pro field.
If you are interested in "Voice Over Industry", you can find many useful stories.
Even though you are not interested in the industry, their stories are interest to read!!

Atomic Monkey Training Institution Official HP:
Atoken Official Blog:

Subaru Kimura appearing on TV drama 「Death Note」#6

August 11th 2015


Subaru Kimura appeared on TV drama 「Death Note」#6 as a guest.
The part was a quick but his name was in credit!
Did you notice?
His hair color was brown in victim photo but blond in action scene.
Some of you may missed action scene.
So now you know how he looked!
Don't you want to check the drama again and find him?

Katsuyuki Miura in 「SHIRONEKO FES2015」

August 10th 2015

Katsuyuki Miura joined 「Shironeko Fes 2015」!!
Thank you for coming down to see him.

Shironeko 1year memorial T-shirts: White he wore during the event.



With Takatsugu Awazu…

Various Atomic Monkey talents are appeared in AT-X Summer Festival spot

1st August 2015

Our talents are appearing in AT-X Summer special spot from today!
If you watch AT-X (cable TV), you can see our talents at CM time frame.
How many of favorite Atomic Monkey talent can you find?




<Joined Talents>
- Junya Enoki
- Ami Nanase
- Makoto Takahashi
- Nozomi Nishida
- Katsuyuki Miura
- Kotomi Aihara
- Reona Irie
- Makoto Aihara
- Fumiya Tanaka
- Izumi Chiba
- Kei Minegishi
- Ami Hagihara
- Tastuki Kobe
- Ryoko Maekawa

AT-X wil have special program to stream all 60 talents.
Aug 29th (Sat) 20:30~21:00
Sep 27th (Sun)16:00~16:30

AT-X Official HP:

AT-X Official youtube is also available.

Makoto Koichi will be appeared on Niconico Live broadcast

July 29th 2015


Niconico Live broadcast program「Bushimo Broadcast Station ver2.0 #5」will be on air today at 20:00 (Japan Time)! Makoto Koichi appeared on the program as MC.
Don’t miss it!!

Bushimo Broadcast Station ver2.0 #5

Makoto Koichi
Marika Kono
Bridcutt Sarah Emi

Juri Nagatsuma

Tomokazu Seki & Subaru Kimura joined 「Reading play 『PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス』 ‐ALL STAR REAL ACT‐」

July 20th 2015


Tomokazu Seki (as Shinya Kogami) & Subaru Kimura (as Sem) joined 「Reading play 『PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス』‐ALL STAR REAL ACT‐」at 19th July.
Subaru Kimura appeared on the stage as a surprise guest!
Thank you for coming to see the play and thanks to fans who could not get the ticket but continue sending great cheers!!

It is hoppy to announce 「Reading play 『PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス』‐ALL STAR REAL ACT‐」 will be released by Blu-ray!! If you missed the play, you can still enjoy it at home!!

Katsukyuki Miura attended releasing event at Chaguma Gakuen

July 17th 2015




Katsuyuki Miura attended「KOEDA RIZE R: SHIRONEKO PROJECT Product」releasing party at Chaguma Gakuen located in Harajuku as “Clive” who is the favorite character in the game at 15th July.
If you have not yet started playing 「SHIRONEKO PROJECT」, now is the time to start!!


Chaguma gakuen Official HP:

Junya Enoki will be in 「Monthly BUSHIROAD TV」

July 16th 2015


Junya Enoki will be in 「Monthly BUSHIROAD TV」(on air on 16th July).
The program can be seen at Youtube “Bushiroad Movie” channel for a week from 16th July.
<Bushiroad TV>

☆#66 (On air from 16th July)
Junya Enoki (Voice Actor)
Mark Ishii (Voice Actor)
Togi Makabe (Pro wrestler)
Hiroshi Tanahashi (Pro wrestler)

Junya Enoki is speaking his secret specialty and new title booster “Token Ranbu - ONLINE –“ which is collaborating VanguardG and Token Ranbu (Junya Enoki is in both title). Are you ready to “STAND UP”!?

Tomokazu Seki: “Boyfriend(Kari)” Character CD vol.2 Release information

July 15th 2015


Tomokazu Seki new character CD which is singing as Tasumi Shinonome is on sale at 15th July. This CD is a series of “Boyfriend (Kari)” character song CD vol.2.

Preview is available at official HP. Please visit and check it out!
Official HP:

Tomokazu Seki・Reona Irie are in Motion Comics 「ULTRAMAN」3

July 6th 2015


Tomokazu Seki (as Dan Moroboshi) and Reona Irie (as Kurata) are in Motion Comics 「URTLAMAN」3 (#15・#16).
「URTLAMAN」3 is available for free viewing until 30th September.
New comic is released at 4th July. Please check this out too.

More information is available at:
Official HP:
Official Twitter:
Motion Comics「ENSOKU」:
*Japanese language only

Tomokazu Seki in New radio program

June 29th 2015


New radio program 「YUNIZON」is starting from today, 29th June.
Tomokazu Seki is a radio personality for Monday.
The program start from 25:00 at Bunka radio station & Tokai radio station.
Don’t miss it!!

More information available at:
Official HP:
Official Twitter:

Fumiko Orikasa joined event in Chongqing, China

June 24th 2015

Fumiko Orikasa joined 「ACG Anime Game Festival Chongqing, China」event.

Here is some photos from the event and private shot!



Fumiko enjoyed nice walk around city.

Fumiko loved wonderful Chinese hot pot!

Yuki Ono Debut Mini Album is Now on Sale!

June 22nd 2015

小野友樹 のコピー.jpg

Yuki Ono released his Debut Mini Album 「Party Man」 at 22nd June.
Check it out!

<Official Site>
Yuki Ono Debut Mini Album"Party Man"

<Yuki Ono Debut Mini Album>
「Party Man」(CD+DVD)
Now on sale

Transfer News

May 1st 2015

back _usa_am_logo.png

Yoko Takahashi transferred to HENMI PROMOTION at 1st May 2015.
Thank you for your support and we’d like to ask your continuous support to her.

Megumi Han will be appearing for Anime Expo 2013

May 23rd 2013

潘めぐみ のコピー.jpg

Megumi Han will be appearing as a Guest of Honor during the biggest Anime Event in the U.S., "AnimeExpo 2013" which will be held from July 4th through 7th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. There will be a Panel, autograph sessions, and many other exciting events.

Maybe we can get some Behind of Scenes insider stories from her. Let's spend an exciting time on Independence day weekend at "Anime Expo 2013"! Get ready, all anime-fans! Let's have some fun together!


Yuki Ono won "2013 Voice Actors Award" in Japan

March 1st 2013

小野友樹 のコピー.jpg

We are pleased to announce that Yuki Ono, one of the top Atomic Monkey's voice actors, was awarded in the "2013 Voice Actors Award" for the category, "Male Voice Actor, Supporting Role".

The "Voice Actors Award" is the highest honored award in the voice actor industry. Such a prestigious award was given to us because of fans like you. We are very fortunate to come cross amazing project and play a fascinating character, which lead him to this honorable award.We appreciate the chance and are thankful from our hearts.Your continued dedication and support for Yuki Ono is much appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

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As some of you may know, I recently received an award, "The Voice Actors Award" for the category "Male Voice Actor, Supporting Role".

This award was given to me because of the support from fans, staffs, my family and friends. It is my delight to receive your continuing support for my works. Accepting "The Voice Actors Award" has deeper meaning beyond the award itself. This, I believe, is a new mission to expand our voice to a wider world audience. My wish is to be able to participate in many more wonderful projects and to create emotion with my voice not only Japan, but throughout the rest of the world.

Finally, my hope is that people will know more about the amazing world of a Voice Actor, and I wish to be a part of the industry's future success.

Thank you for your many years of patronage.

Yuki Ono